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Laying duck breeding equipment

Laying duck breeding equipment

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  • Date of issue:2021-07-30 10:52:54
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1. The grid density is reasonable, every 23 feathers, the stress is small, and the death rate is low. Meat duck breeding equipment

2. Adopt the manure conveying mode of manure belt + screw auger, and the thin duck manure can easily get on the train.

3. A reasonable drinking water system can effectively control the dry humidity of duck manure.

4. Aiming at the design of duck eggs, duck egg transportation is safer and more convenient.

Unreasonable drinking and feeding of ducks: the work of feeding and drinking ducks is very important. Drinking water too late will cause ducks to dehydration and death. Egg duck cages are wholesale, and feeding too late will cause some ducks to eat other foreign objects. Farmers should take the ducks to the duck cages and quote the egg duck cages, let them rest in the transport box for 30 minutes, and then release free drinking water for 2-3 hours, and then sprinkle the ingredients on the opening tray and eat freely. Anti-epidemic drugs can be added to drinking water. When breeding ducks, we must pay attention to duck breeding methods, only in this way can we develop better.


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